Bionomic Inks

In the late 1970s, a lot of work was done to find different ways to formulate ink. Rising prices for petroleum and quarrels with OPEC countries were reasons to replace mineral oil based inks and to find a more reliable and cost efficient method of printing. After a lot of testing, different vegetable oils were found to be useful. End 1980 the first commercial vegetable based news inks were on the market and were proven to be successful.  Mostly soybean oil was used but inks could be made from rapeseed oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil and others.

A major problem with soy ink is that it takes more time to dry than mineral oil based inks, due to its lack of evaporative solvents which means that the inks can only be used for news printing (coldset) and not for the heatset process. 

Focus on replacing mineral oils in inks was lost, especially because of economic reasons, until some researchers found traces of mineral oil in food. This mineral oil comes from printed packaging material where the oil migrates into the food. So the question came again and now more specific: can mineral oil be replaced by something “safe” in a heatset ink?  Quite a challenge since the heatset printing process is even faster then in the 80ies. Printers do not want to give up on speed; they are willing to look to such an ink if it doesn’t mean that they have to change all their habits.

As specialists in heatset inks and with a lot of experience in vegetable oil based news inks S&S took the challenge. Today after lots of formulations and extensive testing we can say: “Yes we can” to the question can mineral oil be replaced 100% in a heatset ink.

Bionomic 300 (for coated papers) and 500 (for SC and newspapers) are the answer to that challenge from S&S. They are both completely free of mineral oil and their press behavior is outstanding (patent pending). Press speed must not be diminished; prints are coming out the press completely dry. On top of that the 4 “green” colours passed all rubber swelling/shrinking tests giving even better results then the common mineral oil inks.

Think about the future, think about nature and test today the outstanding properties of Bionomic.